Monday, August 13, 2018

Final Days of Lesser and Guerrera Primary Campaign

District 9 covers the northeastern half of our city,
it  has been represented by Paul Doyle for 11years.
The final days of the Democratic campaign for State Senate District 9 has highlighted differences between Matt Lesser and Tony Guerrera.

Both candidates have a long track record on which to run, Guerrera has served for 18 years and Lesser for 10 years in the State Legislature.

In the past two weeks, mailings from the Lesser campaign have pointed out differences that show a contrast between the two candidates.

Lesser said, "All of my pieces have been about our voting records."

The records highlighted by Lesser include votes on the rights of same-sex couples, medicare savings, local funding for the towns and cities, reproductive freedom, and the environment.

In addition to contrasting his voting record to that of Guerrera, Lesser has touted his endorsements from the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club and Women's March CT. Lesser said he had over 100 volunteers working for his campaign on Sunday.

Guerrera has used his mailings differently. He has sidestepped the issues, and instead attacked Lesser as a person.

Lesser said, "He has attacked me on a personal level, because he can't find anything in my 10 years of service to attack. And I find that sad, but also in a strange way kind of flattering."

I made multiple attempts to reach Guerrera for comment, through his campaign web page, through Facebook, and through his state email; none elicited a response.
Disclaimer: the author is a supporter of the Lesser campaign.

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