Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Spoke Art At Spoke and Spy

Modified from a release from Spoke and Spy Ciderworks.
Spoke + Spy Ciderworks is featuring the block print work of artist Mark F. Grindell, on display through October 28.

Grindell’s exhibit, entitled “Spoke Art,” includes a series of twenty-four hand carved block prints that capture the essence of the cycling experience. Take a journey through a life time of cycling memories by way of unique artistic interpretation in this format. Grindell continues to add to the series and rotate out images as the project evolves. The images have a broad appeal to persons of all ages, bike enthusiasts and the everyday person.

“Many of the images resonate with the inner child in each of us,” noted Grindell.

The prints translate to screen printed shirts, note cards, coasters, pins and stickers. These items as well as framed and signed prints are available for purchase.

Grindell is a New Haven area artist who has been riding and creating all his life. A graduate of Paier College of Art, Mark has been an advertising and creative professional for nearly 30 years.

Spoke + Spy Ciderworks is located at 180 Johnson Street, in the building formerly known as the Remington Rand Building.

The location has historic relevance as it is the former home to the Keating Wheel Company which operated in our city from 1896-1901.

Ample parking is available onsite – follow signs to the Ciderworks.

For additional detail on the venue and art go HERE.


Gary Keating said...

180 johnson st is officially named "The Robert M. Keating Historical Enterprise Park".

suzanne oconnell said...

We like to think of ourselves as hard cider "connoisseurs,” if such a term is possible. Hard cider was an important colonial drink, much better than contaminated water. We’ve been making it for over 20 years, driving as far as upstate New York and Vermont to get the right cider apples. This year, Meet Your Greens, organized by the Rockfall Foundation, held a cider event at Spoke and Spy. It was a wonderful evening and I would say that their Spanish cider was better than any I had in Asturias, Spain, the home of Spanish cider. I hope Spoke and Spy prospers.

Anonymous said...

Great cider for sale there, too -- well worth a visit

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, hard cider is an alcoholic, mind-altering drug capable of causing addiction and death.