Friday, July 6, 2018

Wesleyan Campus Scavenger Hunt

Someone asked me what was open on Wesleyan's campus during the summer, and what things were accessible to the public. I didn't have a quick answer to that question. So I spent a whole day walking around and learning more about the hidden treasures of campus. All things I featured are open to the public. If you click the links you can learn more about each location. Have fun exploring!

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Ridge Road Resident said...

For anyone interested in events at Wesleyan, take a look at their calendar, subscribe to the Center for the Arts email, ask Wesleyan ENGAGED to include you on their email newsletter. There are so many free/inexpensive events open to the community at large. Take advantage of having Wes in your own backyard!

Wes Calendar:From home page - click on gear next to Tools in Upper Right and select Calendar: