Monday, July 9, 2018

Cat Tales ~ Cats of the Week ~ Bailey & Milo

Gender: Female (Bailey) and Male (Milo)
Breed: Domestic Short Hairs
Color: Brown Tabbys
Age: 3 years (Bailey) and 2 years (Milo)

Hi, my name is Bailey, and my best friend in the world is Milo! We were both rescued off the streets of Middletown as strays. We came to Cat Tales about the same time and formed a wonderful bond together. Milo loves his belly rubbed more than I do, as I’m a bit more shy. However, I am fond of some of the volunteers and let them pet me. We are both very sweet kitties and would love to be adopted together. We dream of being on a sunny catio, where we can lay next to each other and soak up the warm rays! Milo is FIV+ but he’s a lover, not a fighter so it’s very difficult for other cats to catch it – we’d need to exchange blood. Milo has helped me come out of my shell at Cat Tales so I would love to spend my life with him, and with you! We would love to sit next to you while you’re watching TV, or snuggle up in your warm bed with you. Would you consider adopting us together? We promise to love you forever! Please take us home today!
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