Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tango Bootcamp Lessons this Saturday at Vinnie's Downtown

Learn the essentials and basic elements of this beautiful and complex dance with Connecticut's renowned Tango instructor, Judy Phelps. The class will focus on the structure of the elements and forming a strong connection with your partner that will prepare you to step onto the dance floor and join the fun. We will introduce you to the walking and turning elements, the unique music, and the improvisational and personally expressive character of this dance, which has now spread all over the world from its origins in Buenos Aires in the 1880s.

The cost for this 4 hour bootcamp is $40 / $30 students and seniors; the workshop will go from 1-5pm.

Register in advance at to save your spot and get $5 when you pay at the door!

About Judy Phelps (from her website)
Tango, for me, is first and foremost about listening. Much easier to say than it is to really do it. For the past 19 years I have been trying to learn to listen better both as a leader and a follower. As with many things  in my life, I’ve made some progress but still have difficulties with consistency. There are so many things to listen to and so little RAM left with which to do it. Fortunately the pursuit is rewarding in itself. Tango is about building community. It means working hard to improve communication skills on all levels and getting to hang out with people you really like while you do it.

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