Sunday, October 28, 2012

From 1862: State Items

The following are excerpts from an article published 150 years ago, appearing in the Hartford Courant on October 29th, 1862.
Ms. Elizabeth Smith, an Irish woman recently from Middletown, while stepping into a wagon on the steamboat dock at Rocky Hill, a few days since, slipped and fell in such a way as to break her leg near the ankle in a most shocking manner, and it is hardly thought she will recover.

In New Haven, Thursday afternoon, while a session of the Sons of Temperance was going through an initiation, in the Arcade Room, a sudden consternation seized the audience at the sudden appearance of a human leg through the ceiling overhead--and a very animated leg, at that. Order was at last restored, when it appeared that a carpenter, making some repairs overhead, had stepped accidently on the plastering, and "thus put his foot" into the temperance movement.

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