Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bigger Than You Think Is Coming Up Sooner Than You Think

Bigger Than You Think, our short play with a big purpose, is coming up next Wednesday, October 17th at Middletown High School from 7pm-9:30pm. Our one act play was written and directed by Community Performance International who have partnered with Youth Services and the Center for the Advancement of Youth, Family, and Community Development to create an opportunity for statistics and story to intersect and help kick off the second phase to our Developmental Assets initiative here in Middletown.

All of the characters and scenes from the play were taken from a story gathering session back in June that brought together nearly 100 youth and adults in Middletown. The play itself will be followed by a community conversation using the World Cafe conversation model and is dedicated to organizing a community to support its youth. In addition, we will also begin the process of releasing our newest data set on Middletown youth which details their attitudes and behaviors and is the first follow up to our 2006 survey. Both surveys now represent the voices of over 3,000 youth.

So join us for the conversation or come out to support your local school principal, police lieutenant, BOE member, city treasurer, prevention professional, 3rd grader, teacher, community organizer, junior class president, nurse, mayor and superintendent and other members of our great community as they all brave the stage to help remind us that your contribution to our kids is..."Bigger Than You Think".

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