Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeling a Little Un-Dead Lately?

Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater is looking for zombie extras of all ages and abilities for their upcoming production of William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead: A True and Accurate Account of the 1599 Zombie Plague by John Heimbuch.  Cause 3 zombies are not scary.  30 zombies?  Scary!
  • Zombie extras must be willing to wear some makeup, appear in one performance (11/9, 11/10, 11/15, 11/16, 11/17 at 7:30pm) attend one tech/dress rehearsal (11/6, 11/7, or 11/8 - 6:30-10:30pm).  
  • Zombie extras can perform more than one night.  
  • Zombie extras will be required to stagger and wander about on stage with a lust to consume human flesh/brains.  
  • Zombie extras will not look attractive on stage.  
  • Zombie extras will not be allowed to eat the audience, only the actors.
Interested zombies can contact Oddfellows Playhouse at 860-347-6143 to sign up for a performance and rehearsal slot.  Call soon and get 'em while they're still warm!

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