Saturday, October 20, 2012

Middletown Federation of Teachers Endorse Bartolomeo, Lesser

The Middletown Federation of Teachers, Local 1381, has endorsed Dante Bartolomeo for State Senate in the 13th Senate District (Cheshire, Middlefield, Middletown and Meriden) and Matthew Lesser for State Representative in the 100th Assembly District (Durham, Middlefield and Middletown).

“Matt Lesser has proven through his work on the Education Committee that he is committed to improving education in our state in ways that make sense for all stakeholders,” said Steve McKeever, president of the Middletown Federation of Teachers.

“Dante Bartolomeo has shown through her work in Meriden that education is one of her top priorities,” said McKeever. “She brings fresh ideas and a great work ethic to the plate. Dante Bartolomeo will be an outstanding leader and Senator for the people of her district.”


Anonymous said...

Matt lesser did not go far enough with the state regulations on restraint and seclusion! Reporting!? That's not enough-

Not to mention that when High Meadows closed under RELL- I testified at that hearing- he stopped and listened- we believed him when he was going to do something to fund Highmeadows-
He believed it was funded- but it wasn't-
How did he not know? It was his responsibility to do it!
There are some of us without long term
Memory loss- I was his supporter- he's lost my support-

Deb kleckowski was far more accessible when the restraint issues were happening in our town- and she spoke out against what was occurring-

It disappoinst me to see education not backing DEB- she's far more invested in the children of Middletown-


Christine O'Grady said...

Jane, I couldn't disagree more. Matt is a champion for children.

Anonymous said...

They have to endorse her! She's a Democrat. I am building rep at WWMS and the thoughts were the following a few months ago: We need to figure out who 'we' are going to endorse against Suzio.. At that time Dante and Matt Lesser were both up for the State Senate spot against Len Suzio.. Essentially it is lets find a Dem to endorse and ignore all the good Debbie K. has done for education in town and all the good Len S. has done with regard to a ton of issues, including education, with the state.. Sore state of affairs at WWMS..

Anonymous said...

Why is it that we do not vote for the best person for the job. Middletown needs to break away from the "party" and elect the one who will go to work for the City. Be proud of your city and care enough to turn the tables.

Conshr said...

Why is it that we cannot vote for the best person for the job and step away from the "party". This behavior is not helping anyone. It's providing a split in our City and across our Nation. Pick the people who can do the job and work on the relationship of the people.

Anonymous said...

Deb Kleckowski is a republican! my god you people are clueless!!! Dems never endorse or stick up for them even when they help them out and do their job.....

State Rep. Matt Lesser said...

Hi Jane, as it happens we did fund High Meadows.

I made sure that funding was included in the budget. Then, to establish the intent of the legislature, I asked the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee on the record if funding was provided. He said it was.

Afterwards I worked with then-Attorney General Blumenthal to get a legal opinion drafted ordering Gov. Rell to keep it open.

You can learn about the issue here:

Gov. Rell ignored the opinion and closed High Meadows anyway -- violating state law in the process.

We lost that fight -- but it's bizarre to attack me for not fighting for High Meadows. If you can fault me for anything it's in assuming that the Governor of our state would obey the law when ordered to do so by our state's Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt--
I find it interesting that DCF has proposals open for high meadows as a non profit- seems to me this act is a union buster- read
CT mirror oct 22-2012
Sending children to live out of state whose decision is it?

So basically- high meadows a state facility was closed ; employees sent under SEbAC to other positions. Children placed elsewhere. Now there are proposals to private agencies to run it.

If it is bizarre to blame you for not having the line item funded- I'm going by what we were told by our union. That it wasn't written the way you thought. Yes- they said you supported high meadows- but in the end- it was closed and is now on the table to be reopened as a non profit.

You were the only candidate to show up at the meet &greet of the superintendent- I have always said you are one of the better representatives that we have-

Please explain how high meadows is now becoming non profit- which was RELLS plan and she's not in office any more-

And I will be sending the info on S2020 that is up nationally for you to review - id love to talk more after you get this to see what can be done on a state level to regulate restraints in public schools- after you read the research I believe you will see why laws concerning its use in schools should match that of the hospitals.


Anonymous said...

Westfield Residents Association mis-published the time of the candidates debate as 7 pm when it did not start until 7:30. And the meet and greet with the superintendent was at 6 pm. Better planning- please don't base your assessment of Matt because he made it to the meet and greet while the other candidates were not given enough time to do both- Sounds fishy to me-
All the parents of special needs student's ought to step up and show support for Kleckowski as she went to bat for them time and time again- it is cowardly not too.
Put your mouth where your so called bi-partisan heart is

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who to vote for. They are both genuine public servants with a track record for making a contribution to Middletown. Why can't one of them please move to another district...quite near by...where we need a CHOICE!

Anonymous said...

I love the previous comment- would have loved to have seen someone useless knocked out of the house or senate -

Anonymous said...

If that bi partisan remark is meant for me as a parent of a special needs son- who deb k went to bat for time and time again-

I've never claimed a bi partisan heart- I'm clear about being a liberal democrat-

Who supports and speaks up about what deb kleckowski did for us as a family! I also wrote two long comments on the Middletown insider! Today I spent over a half hour preparing it! One of my comments was posted then removed- the other deleted!

Calling me cowardly while posting annonymously is an oxymoron-

My comments censored on the insider has made me furious! It's because I don't support the photos that humiliate and dehumanize people our town support ! I can clearly state- thank you to Deb while not demeaning works of other public servants-

Going against my political beliefs- showing support for Deb K- and the insider censors my writings that support her because they don't like what I have to say other wise- then being annonymously attacked here and accused of not speaking up when it have and it's removed???

Don't attack your supporters- it ain't good for election day-


State Rep. Matt Lesser said...

Jane -- It's hard to respond to you in the anonymous comments section of the Middletown Eye. Email me at and I'm happy to get you everything I know about the High Meadows situation. Bottom line is that I'm about the last person on earth you should blame for closure of High Meadows and if you don't believe me go ask your union.