Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bugs Delight Gallery Goers

Middletown Framing hosted a delightful reception yesterday, for a new show by Catherine Owens. Owens is a Middletown resident trained in biology, art, and environmental sustainability.

She describes herself as "just a girl who loves insects" and the show makes it clear that this is no empty slogan. In her flying insects, the patterns of lines on the wings may not be anatomically accurate, but their fractal pattern is if anything more evocative of the insect wing. The stag beetle is regal and the moths are delightful.

Fittingly, visitors to the gallery munched on a Chex mix with toasted meal worms, and on chocolate-covered crickets. They were delicious.

The show is up through November 19th. More photos of the artwork are HERE.
Middletown Framing
is at 502 Main Street.

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KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

Thanks so much for covering the show!! It was an incredible opportunity to share my work with Middletown. I hope this tradition of monthly art walks continues-- because it's a great way to get people onto Main Street.