Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's Crowdsource Sandy - Help Us Track Outages, Other Storm-related Issues Here

The Middletown Eye is participating in community effort to report power outages and other storm-related issues, through the SeeClickFix website and app. If you are armed with a smartphone (iPhone, Android, or Blackberry), you can help crowdsource damage from Sandy by downloading the free SeeClickFix app for your phone HERE. The app will allow you to upload a geo-tagged description of a problem, like a power outage, downed wires, etc. directly from your phone. This tool is for non-emergency problems, so if you need the police or fire department or an ambulance, call 911.

By reporting outages and other problems through your phone app (or even here, through your laptop or desktop computer if you have power), you can help to create a dynamic and very public record of when and where power failures have occurred, bringing transparency to the pace of government and utility responses. When the damage is repaired, you should close your report in SeeClickFix to let us know progress has been made.  And, if you are reporting a damaged utility pole, make sure you include the pole number in your report! NOTE: SeeClickFix is not a substitute for a report to the utility or police department, it is a way for the public to see the extent and duration of storm-related problems.

Items reported in Middletown will also appear on the statewide SeeClickFix map, available at CTNewsJunkie.

Below is the link to CL&P, to report outages

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