Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Congresswoman DeLauro To Visit NoRa Cupcake And Other Small Businesses Today

Rosa L. DeLauro, who represents most of Middletown in the U.S. House of Representatives, will visit the NoRA Cupcake Company and The Buttonwood Tree in the north part of Main Street, and Javapalooza!, New England Emporium, and Mallove's Jewelers in the central part of Main today. Mayor Dan Drew will join her for the tour.

In a press release, DeLauro said that the overwhelming majority of jobs created in Connecticut are created by small businesses. With Connecticut’s unemployment rate at 7.7 percent and the country’s at 8.2 percent, the Congresswoman’s top priority remains job creations and supporting small businesses. Along with hearing local small business owners’ concerns, the Congresswoman will discuss her jobs agenda and other Federal efforts to help small businesses succeed.

The tour starts at 11:30 am on Wednesday, May 2.

(Image from Bill Flood Productions)


Tree Fanatic said...

Good luck at Javapalooza -- the sign on the door says it's closed for renovations till Thursday.

Anonymous said...

You know it is election time when congresswoman DeLauro comes to Middletown. It would be nice if she visited more often to our great city