Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Samulnori Drumming Highlights

This past weekend I caught the Power to the Wes Korean Drumming Beat show, incredibly reasonably priced at just $3 per ticket.  The drumming was powerful and listening to it was meditative.  This was a fun and relaxed show, as it was a class recital of sorts, and located in the cozy World Music Hall at Wesleyan.  This is the season for recitals and concerts. If any Eye readers want to share photos or video clips from spring concerts at our local public schools or environs please send them in to us at

Taepyeongmu is translated as "great peace dance" and is one of the important cultural properties of South Korea. Performers Jiyeon Kang and Sunhee Suh are pictured here; they were visiting from New York to add this dancing element to the show.

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