Sunday, May 13, 2012

From 1912: Youthful Foreign Offspring Engage In War

The following is an excerpt from an article published 100 years ago today, in the May 13, 1912 edition of the Hartford Courant.

"Italians vs. Turks."
Thirty or forty urchins engaged in a street row at the corner of Main and Center streets last night, but were quickly dispersed by an officer. When asked about the cause of the disturbance, one of them explained, "We're Italians and Turks, and we're having a war." However, the majority appeared to be Americans, at least in embryo. Small boy race riots are said to be more or less frequent of late along the streets leading to the river, probably on account of the newspaper accounts of recent international complications.

Accused of Selling Liquor.
Half a dozen foreigners were arrested by the local police Saturday evening on a charge of conducting a beer garden without a license. It is said the refreshment parlor was run just back of Green street, and that all days were alike, including Sunday. However, details are scant as to the affair. The accused man man must appear in the police court this morning.

Candy Men Still Cautious.

Few if any of the local candy and soda establishments availed themselves of the reported privilege of keeping open Sunday evenings. In consequence of non-committal interviews of Mayor Fisk, confidence in keeping clear of the rocks and shoals of the law is still at a low ebb. The candy men will wait a little longer, it is said, before risking official displeasure.

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