Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Council Glowingly Approves William McKenna As Chief

The Council chambers were nearly full with supporters of William McKenna, nominated by Mayor Dan Drew as our city's next police chief. Prominent residents who came to voice their support included the director of Water and Sewer, Guy Russo, Fire Chief Gary Ouellette, Director of Youth Services Justin Carbonella, owner of Eli Cannon's Phil Ouellette, and former Mayor Sebastian Giuliano. Captain Sean Moriarty expressed the support of his fellow police officers.

Several Councilmen spoke at length about the qualities that make McKenna ideal as Chief. Bob Santangelo said he "leads effortlessly", and Gerry Daley said he was "from a great family".

McKenna said that one of his goals was to "introduce a realistic approach to community policing." Councilman Tom Serra asked McKenna to elaborate on this, and McKenna said that what he wanted was to have police officers talking to the people, getting to know them by their first name. He repeatedly praised the men and women who do this, "The police officer walking the beat is the most important."

With no concerns raised about McKenna, the Council was in a jovial mood, and there were several lighthearted moments during the testimony and discussions about the nomination. Phil Ouellette told the Council that he and McKenna had started their Middletown careers at about the same time and were kindred spirits, "We both wanted to serve. He wanted to protect, and I wanted to serve beer and nachos."

The vote to confirm the nomination was unanimous, and after it was taken, all of those present gave McKenna a standing ovation. When the Council took a brief recess, there was a long line of well-wishers eager to offer their personal congratulations to new Police Chief McKenna.


Anonymous said...

so if you are from a crappy family you can't make a good chief? or a good family can't produce a crappy person? does santangelo listen to the bs he says?

Anonymous said...

it was not santangelo it was daley that said that about coming from a good family, according to the article. it is a stupid comment no matter who says it. what is a "good family" ???