Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Westfield Fire District Budget Passes

Residents of the Westfield Fire District approved the District budget tonight, by a vote of 33-0.

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Anonymous said...

How is it that less than 90 people out of 10,000 vote and it's law? I've lived in Westfield for over 20+ years, and never gotten a mailing of the vote day/time/place. Why has Ross Andrew been the Chairman for 30+ years? Is the Fire District afraid of sending out notices to the entire population for fear of reprisal? Are they afraid of budgetary restraint, because the local citizens know and understand their budget? I am getting really pizzed!!
"We usually get between 50-90 people at these votes," he said earlier in the day, though this year turnout at the vote was much less. He estimates more than 10,000 households in the district.
If less than 90 people out of 10,000 voted, then you should start thinking that there is a real problem!! I do not get the Middletown Press, or Hartford Courant (local edition), and I certainly do not read my Tax Bill in the upper right corner. Why don't you try flyers, mailings, internet voting; something a little more modern than printed in the local newspaper, and required to show up at the Firehouse on a specific day and time? That's so out dated. But, I'm sure you don't mind spending my money without my input, so continue to use any and all legal ways to keep me uninformed.