Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wesleyan To Foster 3-Year Bachelor's Degree

The Associated Press is reporting that Wesleyan will soon be offering students the opportunity to finish their degree in 3 years. The policy was first revealed in a Washington Post guest blog by Wesleyan's president Michael Roth, entitled, "A Degree In Three Marvelous Years."

In order to finish in 3 years, students would take classes in a recently initiated summer program at Wesleyan. Student demand for summer courses at Wesleyan has not been as high as was initially hoped.

The University spokesman, David Pesci, told the AP that the three year program was a response to "cost concerns for some students."


Anonymous said...

I'm going to spend 50 grand a year to go to school for 3 measly years? Don't think so

Anonymous said...

apparently anon flunked math. ( 50k X 3 years ) < ( 50k X 4 years ). The quicker a student can get through college, the less tuition they pay overall and also the sooner they can start working full time and earning money. Duh.