Sunday, May 6, 2012

Triple Frog is Good at Being Guilty

Local Middletown design firm, Triple Frog, has taken the idea of the office swear jar to a new level with the launch of their latest website, Guilty For Good. Originally an internal philanthropic project, the now public website uses design, and a healthy dose of humor, to feature a worthy charitable organization each month and encourage donations from visitors with guilty consciences.

“In our experience with non-profit marketing over the years, we’ve seen a primary emphasis on large annual contributions. This is a great strategy for corporate giving but what about the rest of the population? If people give (even a little) on a more regular basis, that adds up. We saw daily guilts as an untapped resource and identified comedy as the best way to draw attention to them,” said Stacey Dyer, co-founder and creative director of Triple Frog.

Visitors to will be greeted by the GFG character duo, Horace Mallow and Porter K. Cat, who present relevant, yet comical, scenarios for making a donation. (Full character bios are available on the website.) Dyer said, “The work these charities do for their cause is serious business, but the reasons for people to donate don’t always have to be.  We wanted to allow philanthropy to be entertaining and accessible.”

Triple Frog is not a non-profit itself and does not handle any donations directly. The Guilty For Good website simply acts as a referring source for the featured non-profit.

“The goal is to connect people with worthy causes in an online environment that makes donating simple. We’re the somewhat snarky middle man bringing everyone together,” explained Dyer.

There is no specific geographic range to participate as a featured organization with Guilty For Good, but so far the effort has seen great support from the Middletown community with The Rockfall Foundation as the inaugural charity and other Main Street do-gooders expressing interest.

If you’re interested in donating to the featured cause or are part of an organization that would like to be highlighted, visit

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