Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Scenes from Middnight on Main

Eye Blogger Joseph Getter posted his photos of Middnight on main here. Scroll below for more shots of the evening.
Event organizer & CEO of the Community Health Center Mark Masselli and Middnight Chair Lucy McMillan greet the crowd gathered in front of Holy Trinity Church just before midnight at the first Middnight on Main Celebration. In a Willy Wonka moment ( and I mean that as a complement to his coolness factor) Masselli asked all the children in the crowd come forward. The special surprise was confetti canons fired from an adjacent rooftop at midnight. Kaoru WatanabeTaiko Drummers drummed in the New Year and helped with the final count down outside of Holy Trinity Church.

At Matt's Lab - a storefront at 420 Main Street Mercy High School's robotic's team was on hand to demonstrate a robot. Other volunteers did science experiments with children.
Earlier in the evening sword swallower and master magician Johnny Fox gave two performances packed in the lobby of Citizen's Bank. Johnny brought along his friend a two-headed red slider turtle. The turtle did not swallow swords.
A Balinese dancer, Shoko Yamumura performed for the crowd at Citizen's bank.
2012 ice sculpture showing Middletown's sky line by ice artist Larry Siragusa.
Event coordinators Jennifer Alexander, owner of KidCity, and Rosario Rizzo of Pratt and Whitney, a key sponsor of the evening, strike up a conversation at the hat making station inside Main Street Market. Visitors were welcomed to make their own New Year's fashion top hat, sponsored by KidCity.
Can' t say if I had more fun as a spectator or a volunteer last night. Volunteers donned iconic yellow shirts- soon to be a collectors item of Middletown!


joseph getter said...

Thanks for posting. This was a great event, and I think it was a very good thing for Middletown.

musicmike said...

My friends and I had a great time. We had no idea what to expect, but the event was well-organized, well publicized (and hence, well attended), offered the right amount/diversity of activities, and really was fun for all! Thanks for putting this together --- well done!

Rene said...

Awesome event with something to appeal to everyone, look foward to this being the first of many.