Saturday, January 7, 2012

Klekolo World Coffee Installs Bike Racks

The two new black 'wave' style bike racks installed in front of Klekolo World Coffee are being put to good use. Various bikes have been secured to the racks since they were installed right before Christmas by city public works employees. The racks were purchased by the landlord but installed on the public sidewalk by city workers. In addition, a layer of gravel was added to the dirt basin surrounding the four trees which provide shade and protection to those using the sidewalks on Court Street. Hopefully the new racks will reduce the use of less appropriate stationary objects, such as trees and telephone poles, for securing bikes.

Another Christmas Gift for Middletown thanks to the landlords of 181 Court Street and the Middletown Public Works employees.

submitted with photo by Paul Zakarian


Eye M said...

Very Nice. Thanks for pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I would assume the city workers were on the clock, so thanks to the taxpayers for that.

Anonymous said...

Our tax dollars going to good use, I'd say. I'm all for making Middletown a more bike-friendly place. Ride on!

fast eddie said...

Hey the bicycle on the left is mine