Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farm Hill School Interim Principal Named

Mark Proffitt, former principal of both Lawrence and Spencer Schools, has been named the Interim Principal of Farm Hill School, effective next Monday. He fills in for Patricia A. Girard, who is beginning an indefinite leave of absence on Monday.

Michael Frechette, Superintendent of Schools, praised Proffitt in a letter, "Mr. Profitt has a long-standing tenure in our district as a very successful principal and teacher."


Anonymous said...

Mr. Proffit is an excellent choice. And he has experience in special education. He was a great part of Bielefield when we were trainsitioning through the redistricting. He is friendly and personalable with the kids. He seems to really enjoy being the school everyday.

Anonymous said...

This is a great choice. Mr. Proffitt puts the kids first and always has their best interests in his mind. He works with parents and keeps them informed of all decisions. He is a great role model. Maybe Frechette can learn something from him!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing choice- a step in the right direction. Farmhill has been given a gift. One question, does that mean we loose him for this years talent show? Lol.

I give him respect for stepping into this situation, it just shows you his character and dedication to our Middletown kids!

Anonymous said...

While I think Mr. Proffit is a wonderful choice, I think that it will now leave Keigwin with a hole to fill (down one Sp. Ed teacher).

All we keep doing is moving the "hole" around. This is just creating a weakness in a new area, and we just keep band-aid fixing it.

Good luck to Mr. Proffit. He is walking into a very difficult situation and will need to take charge, gain trust, and effect change in a very short period of time.

Anonymous said...

What a shame...the principal was laid off (call it what you will) because she wasn't given the support after redistricting. The goody two shoes who moved for redistricting got the troubled kids moved out and the school kept the support--it never went to Farm Hill. She's now being blamed for problem that wasn't hers. Sadly the city's decision went public and she pays. NO we ALL pay. As a Farm Hill parent that's why we're moving out of town. House went up for sale today. Not because of the problems in Farm Hill but because the way the town handles EVERY problem.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Proffit will do great at Farm Hill. He genuinely cares about ALL children in Middletown. He works well with parents and supports teachers. We should be thankful that he said YES to Central Office when they asked him to take on this task. He will be awesome!!!