Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Local State Senator Suzio Proposes Gas Tax Cap

Senator Suzio (R) represents the 13th District which includes part of Middletown

Article as it appeared on the website of WFSB3 on Jan 10, 2012 5:33 PM

Channel 3 (WFSB) – Like many drivers, State Sen. Leonard Suzio of Meriden is fed up paying the highest gas taxes in the country and the state.

“There’s no limit to it and as a consequence, as gas prices have gone up, Connecticut has been collecting a windfall,” Suzio said.

Suzio is introducing a proposal to cap the gross receipts tax on gas whenever prices hit $3 a gallon.
Right now, Connecticut is averaging $3.58. Residents can thank the state excise tax for 25 cents of that price, but gross receipts also makes up another quarter.

So if Suzio’s bill were to pass, he said the price at the pump today would drop by a nickel.
“It needs to be regulated. They need to start thinking about us as the people who are driving everyday, back and forth,” said resident Nick Bisaccia.

Any savings is a welcome sight for drivers, but the state said gross receipts is what keeps the roads toll free.

In 2010, the tax raked in $340 million and covered the cost of various road projects.
Suzio will be introducing the bill in February.



Earlier in the week fishmuscle reported Rep. Matt Lesser (D) representing the 100th District of the Legislature is considering a challenge Suzio for a State Senate seat for the 13th District.Read here: http://middletowneyenews.blogspot.com/2012/01/record-journal-lesser-considering.html


Anonymous said...

I don't believe that gas prices will go down. It may help a little but not much. Don't believe what politicians say whether they are Democrats or Republicans because they are all liars. They just like to hear themselves talk. Politicians do not have any control about what is happening in the Middle East and what the major oil companies do with their products. All of the money we spent on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran did not do anything for us in making oil/gas more affordable. It was just an ego boost for former President Bush.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone has a better memory, but wasn't a 15c tax removed a few years back when gas was hovering around $3 a gal? Where did that 15c go? Not to us. If the tax is lowered, the price will creep back up and we'll be in the same spot. Gas is high in CT because we have one of the highest income per capita. Prices iwl be what the market can bear. Econ 101. If people really want to save money on gas, drive more slowly. We should go back to a 55mph speed limit. Estimates range from 10-20% savings. With gas currently near $4, 10% better mileage is like saving 40c a gallon. I'll take that over 15c any day. I've been driving 55-60 on the highway since Feb 2000. I've saved hundred of dollars. So could you.