Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day at the Wadsworth Mansion

While I am only 21, many people have told me that I have the personality of someone much older. Thus, while I enjoyed the fireworks on Main Street at 6, I balked at the idea of "staying up past my bedtime" to wait for midnight! Yes, I felt pretty old that night. But yesterday I got a special treat when my boyfriend, his brother, mother, and I went to the Wadsworth Mansion open house for New Years Day. Not only was it an absolutely gorgeous, crisp fall day, but the mansion was abuzz with music, laughter, food, and friends.

They offered guided tours of the mansion, the grounds, and horse rides along the beautiful tree-lined driveway. We had the opportunity to partake in the tour around the grounds, which included a hike to the hilltop for a gorgeous view of Middletown below. Our guide was very knowledgeable about not only the history of the area, but the flora and fauna as well. She pointed out several different types of trees planted by Colonel Wadsworth, the pond, deer signs, and woodpecker holes. It was a fabulous day for a walk through the still-crunchy leaves.

Afterwards, we headed inside the beautiful mansion for some light and delicious refreshments. It was beautiful to wander through the lavish rooms, taking in the ornate wallpapers, antique furniture, and the beautiful photos that lined the walls. What a beautiful place! Now I see why so many people choose to get married here.

Last but not least, we took a horse drawn carriage ride along the paved road (provided by Allegra Farms), which was an excellent chance to once again take in the breath-taking grandeur of the mansion from afar, whilst being serenaded by the jingle of the horse's harnesses, and the methodical clip-clop of their large hooves.

This was a truly enjoyable and peaceful way to bring in the New Year, and if you missed the chance to take in the mansion, it is open every day until dusk for people to walk about the grounds, with guided tours being offered every Wednesday from 2-4 PM, with the second Wednesday of every month "Spot of Tea and Tour" being offered between 2-3 PM.

Happy New Years, everyone!


Elizabeth Bobrick said...

What a lovely post! Thank you, Pattie. I hope you will write again for the Eye.

sharon said...

I was there, too, and I loved it. Kudos to the people of Middletown for saving it from the wrecking ball.

sharon said...

I was there Sunday for the first time, for the open house, and loved it. Kudos to the people of Middletown for saving this treasure from the wrecking ball!

Joyce Kirkpatrick said...

Thanks for the post and kind comments. The Wadsworth Mansion is owned and operated by the City of Middletown with the help of the Long Hill Authority - so if you are a Middletown citizen, it's your mansion!

With a wonderful staff and thanks to many stalwart volunteers, such events as the New Years Day Open House, Daffodil Festival, Open Air Market and Summer Lawn Concerts are open to the public and free.

Right now the Mansion needs more people to help with the tours of the mansion on such occasions. If interested, please call the Mansion at 860-347-1064.

Joyce Kirkpatrick, Chair, Docent Committee