Friday, August 26, 2011

Rubber Chicken Results

The 1st Annual Rubber Chicken 5K Cross Country Race to raise fun and funds for Oddfellows Playhouse drew nearly 200 runners to the grounds of the Wadsworth Mansion and raised $9,100 for Oddfellows Playhouse. Thank you to everyone that came out and participated. Mayor Sebastian Guiliano welcomed runners and was spotted cheering on runners along with Senator Len Suzio. Just some familiar local runners in the crowd include Michiel Wackers, Lucy McMillan, Bruce Macleod and Suzanne Javorski. Mercy High School coach John Hastings started the race off.

Top Race finishers on the men's side were Xavier High School alum Chris Zablocki, 23 from Essex (15:57), Wesleyan alum Marc Robaczynski, 36 from New Hartford (16:13) and Tom Holowka, 26 from New Haven (17:09). On the women's side the top finishers were Brittany Heninger, 22 from Bristol (19:47), Alyssa Selmquist, 20 from Northford (21:34) and Jaime Seligmann of Newington (23:18).

The team competition was heated, with over 10 teams registered. The top men's team was a young group of Blue Dragons from Middletown - which may mean good things for the coming cross country season. The women's team was a group of Young Grasshoppers. The top coed team was comprised of Marc Robaczynski, Brittany Heninger, David Ricciuti, Will Graustein,
Peter Hawley. The winners all received rubber chickens, second place finishers received a delicious rotisserie chicken courteousey of race sponsor Price Chopper.

Special thanks to Pratt & Whitney, Precinct 13, Dzialo,Picket&Allen, P.C., the Wadsworth Mansion, Mercy High School, Triple Frog, Crossfit Religion, Done on the Run, LLC., Fusion Bakery, Edward Manuel Merrill Lynch, CT Rental Center, Joseph Bibisi, Javapalooza, Price Chopper and Illiano's Ristorante and Pizzeria.

Thank you to everyone that helped, ran, cheered and supported the event. We look forward to doing it again next year.

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