Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dancing Spotlight for August

The atmosphere was somewhat reminiscent of a school dance last night at the Green Street Arts Center Latin Night, with a single table of snacks outside the dance floor and chairs lined up against the walls, thankfully without the streamer decorations and teen angst. The mood was upbeat and welcoming. People of all types kicked back and cut loose on the dance floor, big involuntary smiles giving away just how good it feels to move and dance.

The dance club upstairs at Mezzo Grill proved to be a bit more of a wild scene, while still extremely clean and without the smoke or smells and hazards of spilled beer or deafening music that are common at other dance clubs. Another welcoming atmosphere to cut loose and strut it out on the floor.


Elizabeth Bobrick said...

Who knew there were not one but two places to dance on a Saturday night in Middletown! Great post, Karen.

musicmike said...

Looks like Middletown is becoming a destination spot!