Saturday, August 6, 2011

Children's Circus Triumphs at Macdonough

The sets and costumes were spectacular.  The stunts were amazing.  The music was inspirational.  And above all, the golden nose was recovered.

On Friday, before a large and enthusiastic crowd, Oddfellows Annual Children's Circus staged The Search for the Golden Nose which featured cameo roles by circus founder Dick Wheeler and Mayor Sebastian Giuliano.

The audience thrilled to stilt-walking, juggling, tumbling, acrobatics, clowning and feats of derring-do, as the dozens of children and counselors who take place in the summer program and annual event, wound their way through a picaresque plot in search of a glimmering proboscis.

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Proud Parent said...

A wonderful show, if I do say so myself.

Saw a lot of the Eye writers there, too. Thank you all (Circus and Eye) for all you contribute to this community.