Sunday, August 28, 2011

After the Storm Residents Walk to View Damage

Housebound families escaping the confines inflicted by the hurricane, converged on Long Lane after the rain stopped.  There, dozens of large old trees were felled by wind from the storm.  The street was completely impassable as the century-old trees were tossed spectacularly, like so many toothpicks.

West Street was also closed with a large tree leaning precariously on utility wires.

At the old high school on Pearl and Court, now senior housing, a large tree fell and crushed four cars parked in the lot behind the building.


Anonymous said...

This is terrible. Are you talking about the kerste de boer arboretum on long lane? I've been worrying about those beautiful old trees all day

Anonymous said...

This is sad, as this street is beautiful, however many of these trees were dead or rotted and had been for some time, so it's no wonder they toppled so easily. If the City of Middletown had taken better care of this area, there may not have been quite so much damage.