Monday, August 29, 2011

Touchy Wildlife

Yesterday afternoon I walked along Saw Mill Road to Bell Street to Boardman Lane to see how Highland Lake and Bradley Brook were handling Irene's aftermath. While on Boardman Lane, I almost stepped on this little garter snake, and then was surprised when he coiled and lashed out at me several times like he was going to bite me. His little mouth couldn't have opened wider than the diameter of a dime, and he was so little my golden retriever didn't notice him, even when I stopped to take a picture (don't say anything rude about my dog...).

For such a little guy, he sure acted tough, and I was left with the thought that perhaps he was a little spun up by the weather too. Then I doubted my snake identification skills, and I had to look closer to see if I was mistaken in my initial estimation of his identity. I didn't see any rattles, and he sure looks like the garter snake in the "Snakes in Connecticut" DEP guidebook (don't ask why I have a copy of this). I've just never seen a garter snake act that way, and it was very funny to watch.

He eventually slithered off the road into the bushes, and my oblivious dog and I continued our walk. We were not accosted by any other animals on our return journey, although I did keep my eye on the beaver hutch as we passed by...

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Anonymous said...

i've had garter snakes (ribbon snakes??) act like that in our yard. they seem to like to take on the lawn mower. believe me, you'd have known if it was a rattle snake. they are big, and make themselves known.