Monday, August 15, 2011

Realistic Balance Party of Middletown Endorsements

A new political party has emerged in Middletown that is cross endorsing some select under ticket candidates this coming election, as well as incumbent Mayor Giuliano.

Common Council
David Bauer(R)
John Kilian(I)
Ruthann Johnson(G)
Fred Carroll(I)

Joyce Rossitter(D)
Molly Salafia(R)

Bd Ed
Callie Grippo(R)
Tami Kapacziewski(R)
Edward McKeon(D)

Sebatian Giuliano(R)

R - Republican
D - Democrat
I - Independent Party
G - Green Party

The Realistic Balance party of Middletown held its first nominating caucus on Thursday August 11, 2011 at 6 PM at Klekolo Coffee World on Court Street in Middletown. The next meeting will be held at Klekolo World Coffee, 181 Court Street, at 7 PM on Monday 9/13/2010. The party was founded by Jon Kilian and Fred Carrol, of which both are also running as an Independents for Common Council. I had the pleasure of meeting both this past Friday at the Buttonwood Tree to thank them for their endorsement of me, and to discuss our thoughts on the future of transportation needs of Middletown with.

The meeting will include the determination of the party mascot, a meet and greet with members of East Hampton Chatham and Connecticut For Lieberman party members, and participation in the selection of replacements for any vacancies on this year's ballot for the Connecticut for Lieberman Party.

Rule changes at caucus of the Connecticut for Lieberman party provides members of the East Hampton Chatham and Middletown Realistic Balance parties with voting privileges in CFL proceedings. Anyone wishing to learn more about this party is welcome to attend.
More information about this political party can be found here:

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Anonymous said...

This post refers to the Sep 10, 2010 caucus last year. There is no meeting on our calendar, at this point. Expect one in late September to fill a vacancy for Common Council, though.