Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MMPA Endorses Candidates

From John Milardo, President, Middletown Managers and Professional Association

Members of the Middletown Managers & Professionals Association (MMPA) have voted to endorse individuals seeking to represent Middletown residents and taxpayers in the upcoming election. It is the first time since the inception of our Union, 27 years ago, that we have decided to become involved in local elections. Many issues involving Middletown have prompted our concern, and in turn, our action.

The Middletown Managers & Professionals Association has not been solicited to endorse any candidates. We have studied their track records, regardless of party affiliation, and endorsed those we believe can make a difference for the City of Middletown.

We feel strongly about the direction our City is being taken, and believe a change needs to be made. Understanding the City’s socioeconomic issues, we believe the endorsed candidates, have the knowledge and leadership to make the City of Middletown a better place to live and work in, for everyone. They are strong labor oriented individuals, not only for union workforces, but for the general working class citizen, and will serve the City well.

The Middletown Managers & Professionals Association is proud to endorse the following individuals for the 2009 Middletown Municipal election:

For Mayor:
Incumbent Republican, Sebastian Giuliano

For Common Council:
Incumbent Republican, Joseph Bibisi
Incumbent Republican, Philip Pessina
Republican Candidate Michael Marino
Republican Candidate, Matthew Scarrozzo


Anonymous said...

Our City must really be running poorly if the Manager union is endorsing candidates.
They know what is going on from the inside out. Maybe we should listen to them?

Anonymous said...

So...let me get this straight. You want to see change in the direction of the city, so you are endorsing the incumbents? Why, because there has been so much positive change so far? Because the Republican Party is the vehicle of change? Interesting...

Anonymous said...

I like many can't find a job. I was laid off by Aetna 4 months ago. Obviously, these Unions endorse the party/people that they think are most likely to give away the store to the city employees.

I think they have a no layoff clause and got a 3.5 % raise this year and next. Must be nice-sit around endorsing candidates, job for life, gaureented raises for all, 15 holidays, 4 weeks vacation 3 weeks sick time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2,
If you haven't noticed, the Dems have been in charge of the City's finances for 16 years now. The Republicans views have been nullified by the Democratic controlled council.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, the dems have nullied the vote of the mayor and the republicans. If they didn't then the already spoiled city employees and dept heads who take vehicles home to beach houses out of town, coffee breaks for the entire afternoon etc. would really be spoiled! I don't think they can get anymore then they already have! No wonder the union endorses these candidates (who happen to be involved in the union). And the mayor, he lets them do whatever they want because he wants be liked and can't make money as an attorney!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why would the eye post something so mean, as the comments of Anonymous of 10:10am? This person must have a personal grudge against Milardo.

Anonymous said...

The Dems have lost favor with the labor of the city and the city residents. They nullified over a million dollar in consessions, from the unions, that could ahave reduced our tax bills by 1/4 of a percent.

The Dems feel they have an entitlement to there offices. In spite of the fact that they have literally stripped our city fund balance to a critcal amount.

They are quick to tell the public that they are saving taxpayer dollars, but in actuality they have over spent our taxpayer money, for the past several years, without any accountabliity to the taxpayers.

The public ought to get it right and elect a Republican Team that will reduce spending and reestablish a fund balnace to the benefit of all the taxpayers.

Be thrifty and give the Republicans a chance to turn this spend concious mind set around. After all, look at the deficet their standard beared in the white hous has caused our debt on our children that may never be able to correct!

Bus Guy said...

As a former MMPA member at the BOE I would ask MR. Milardo why they did not endorse any BOE candidates?