Sunday, August 30, 2009

Around Middletown in 80 Days: Day 6

Miller’s Pond

Needing a day of R&R, Phileas Fogg took some local recommendations to journey just over the border from Middletown to visit Miller’s Pond. To get there From Route 9: Take Exit 11. Follow 155 West. Turn left onto Millbrook Road. Bear left onto Foothills Road. Parking area is on the right.

A quiet place, with no boat launch, this is a wonderful quiet location for swimming, picnicking, hiking and fishing. Phileas is sure to enjoy some napping. Millers Pond is unique in that its principal source of water comes from large springs which create a body of unpolluted water excellent for small mouth bass or trout. The original dam at the pond was erected some time before 1704.


AnneMariecandoit said...

I came upon Millers Pond many years ago as I traveled the back roads from Higganum on my way back from a tag sale out in the woods. It was like a gold mine when I found it, a refuge that not many others went to. The paths were few, the forest more dense than it is now as people have created so many new paths.

I would wonder why more people didn't go there, and soon found out that they just didn't know about it - and when they did - the place became heavily populated, especially on the weekends.

I go there to swim now, but its too crowded to find solitude and peaceful quiet. Under the water is where my peace is heard, and I meet my Source. It has been a wonderful blessing to me and to my family, to know Millers Pond.

I hope people stick to the paths and not create new ones that ruin the forest, and that all remember to take out with them whatever they bring in. Will that happen? It surely can :)

David Bauer said...

One great feature of walking the Miller's Pond trails is that they are off the common air routes into Bradley Field. It is so subtly nice to take a walk where the only sounds are from the surrounding woods, not from the air or the highway.