Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Around Middletown in 80 Days: Day 1

It's Only Natural
Vegetarian Restaurant

Phileas Fogg begins his journey at one of Middletown's signature restaurants. It's Only Natural Restaurant, lovingly referred to as "ION", has been part of Middletown for over 30 years. ION began as a co-op and has organically grown into a Vegan oasis and the largest art gallery in Middletown.

ION has been voted "Best Vegetarian" by The Hartford Advocate since 1992. Mark Shadle and Renana Magee continue to make ION a destination for vegetarians, vegans and artists
from around CT.

If you haven't been to ION, now is the time to check it out. Phileas is not a strict vegetarian by any means, but the Sweet Potato fries are simply incredible! Make sure to save room – even if you don’t eat all of your veggies, because dessert is a wonderful treat at ION.

Join Phileas for dinner this evening at ION - order the special on the menu - and a portion of the meal will be donated to support Oddfellows Playhouse Scholarship Fund.


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Eye M said...

thanks Ion for partnering with OP. The food was fabulous and it was fun seeing so many friends out there supporting Oddfellows Playhouse.