Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Buttonwood Tree Hosts Award-winning Jazz Trio and So Much More!

 Events: 13th - 19th   (Click on titles to see more of each event)

Friday, June 15th @ 8 - 10PM, $15

Three men are getting ready to carry Buttonwood away to a world of silky-smooth jazz. Pianist Danny Green, with Justin Grinnell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums, are a trio with a nigh-unmatched musical connection, capturing critics all around the world with their introspective tunes. Having been artists for so long, the boys are offering Buttonwood patrons a master class workshop that details how a song begins as an idea, all the way to its development as a live performance. 

Danny Green Music Sample:

Saturday, June 16th @ 10:30am- 12pm $10 suggested donation (Pay what you can)

In today’s environment it is sometimes difficult to see the Light.
The purpose of this workshop is to empower you to see yours
Annaita Gandhy, a spiritual & holistic guide from India, helps you do this!
Sharing her deep understanding of life, holism and spirituality,
Annaita aims to help you rise above life’s challenges to live a healthy, fulfilled & abundant life.

Saturday, June 16th @ 3 - 5PM, $5 Admission

To all who are teens or parents of teens, aged twelve to eighteen, listen up! Buttonwood Tree is once again holding its Teen Open Mic! Is there a talent the blossoming youth has to offer? In need of a test audience for your latest creative work or artistic masterpiece? Then come down and don't be shy! We're a judgement-free community who only seeks to encourage creative endeavors and help others improve their craft!

Saturday, June 16th @ 8 - 10PM, $15 Admission
Jon is an artist whose been singing his soul out for over fifty years now! With so much experience and practice under his belt, Jon is sure to enthrall even those who've not even heard the phrase, 'classic rock!' Come on down and see what a lifetime's worth of practice and passion can earn you. Joined by his wife, Patti, this happy duo are going to tease your emotions, one heartstring at a time!

Jon Music Sample:

Monday, June 18th @ 7 - 10PM, $5 Admission

Got a talent you just have to share with the rest of the world? Then come on by to The Buttonwood Tree, where the mic is open to any and all who've got at least one creative bone within them. This time, our hosts is the guitarist double team, Terri Lachance, who is the songwriter, and Rob Desorbo.
Come on down, even just to watch! Performances are interspersed with 'Moments of Gratitude,' where we take a second to remember the hidden good in life underneath all of the apparent bad. 

Tuesday, June 19th @ 7:30 - 8:30PM, Free Admission/Donations Appreciated!

Feel the need to unwind? To find a place where you can let go of your problems? Sound Meditation may be the answer you're looking for! Drift away with only music to occupy your cleared, weightless mind. Hosted by Lou Sorrentino, sound healing combines psychological therapies with music to heal the body. With instruments such as Crystal Bowls crafted for perfect resonance, Lou restores energy flows to their proper states and bring peace to our bodies.

The Buttonwood Tree
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