Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Make Music Day at Russell Library this Thursday! June 21

This Thursday, June 21, is Make Music Day in Middletown! There will be music all over town! Russell Library will host four different events:

In the morning, at 11:00am, Barbara Arafeh will lead families with young children (ages 2-5) in fun and educational musical activities in our courtyard. 

At noon, Noah Baerman will play in the lobby with a band created spefically for this day: "
Stankeye Jones and the Vagabond Librarians!

Carolyn Halsted playing Clara, our piano. 
At 6:00pm, a piano recital of Carolyn Halsted's students will take place in the Hubbard Room. 

Directly afterward, at 7:00pm, Carolyn Halsted and Mara Bennett will present "Clara's Journey: Why Our Piano Goes to the Woods". 

The piano at Russell Library is named Clara, after the composer Clara Schumann. During the summer months, it is played at Noyes Rhythm Summer Retreat in Portland, CT. 

As part of the evening's program, Mara Bennett will present "A Day at Noyes Camp" -- including the "Morning Recreation Class" and "Evening Playtime". 

Mara Bennett has been a Noyes teacher for 15 years. She will involve the audience in some of the dances that are planned. 

In addition, Carolyn Halsted will play pieces of her own composition as well as several by Clara Schumann and three by Amy Beach. 

All programs at Russell Library are free. These programs are drop-in, no registration required. 

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