Monday, June 25, 2018

A Rower Wades In: NO NEW BOATHOUSE!!!!!!

The following is an opinion piece submitted to The Eye by Debbie Dodenhoff. The Eye welcomes all signed opinion pieces. Send HERE.
I am a taxpayer in the city of Middletown. I am also a rower.

I was vehemently opposed to the original " Taj Mahal " version of a boathouse and I continue to be vehemently opposed to the so called "downsized version" of a new boathouse. The state of Ct. Is in a fiscal crisis and the City of Middletown wants to build a boathouse. Let's not forget that this would require extensive remediation according to the powers that be....with no idea of what remediation would really cost!!!!!

Multi million taxpayer dollars!!!!!!

The committee talks about having to use a grant of 2.6 million dollars before it expires in a year!!!!

How much of that grant is really left after paying archietects, engineers, ect. Over the past few years in planning this Taj Mahal of a boathouse!!!

Please....could you shed more light on this to our taxpayers. I am soooooo tired of my taxes being raised every year. Stop the spending.

If I ran my household budget like these people run our city budget.....I would be broke, and in the depth of debt ....never to redeem myself fiscally!!!!               

Debbie Dodenhoff

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that grant money doesn't grow on trees. It's tax money, too. Just comes from a different pocket.