Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Planning and Zoning Commission Debates Purchase Cards

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to move forward a multi-part proposal which would provide a budget for the commissioners to spend on attorney fees and commissioner education. The proposal would also allow commissioners to request help from city staff in the Planning Office photocopying and assembling Commission documents, and it would request an open forum with other city departments and agencies. The next step in this proposal is for the Planning Department staff to "explore and evaluate" the requests for the October 27th meeting.

The proposal was developed by a subcommittee headed by Alternate Member Michael Johnson. Johnson said that most of the other commissioners participated in the subcommittee. A proposal that commissioners have access to pre-paid $100 purchase cards at an office supply company (Staples) caused some concern about accountability for the spending. Thus, the Commission decided to propose that requests for staff help be honored with a two-day turn-around.

The Commission is composed of volunteers who are elected to four year terms. It makes decisions about land use in the city, reviewing proposals for subdivisions and developments at twice-monthly meetings. Its work is supported by city staff in the Department of Planning, Conservation, and Development.

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