Monday, February 3, 2014

Sidney Harmon: Candidate For Westfield Fire Commission Member

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[The Westfield Fire District Annual Meeting is on Tuesday, February 4th, 8PM, in the Fire Department. All residents living with the Westfield Fire District boundaries are eligible to vote.] 
Born and raised in Westfield, my wife Trudie and I have raised our family in the Westfield community over the past 50 years. Following my older brothers lead in the fire service I joined the Westfield Volunteer Fire Department at the age of 19 when it was a four bay station on Miner Street and over the past 55 years have proudly watched it grow and evolve into the wonderful facility it is today on East Street. During my years of active service as a volunteer I held several positions within the Department starting as a Lieutenant and worked my way up to Deputy Chief. I have served as well as Chaired many truck committees when it was necessary to replace apparatus and still actively participate in that process today.

Wanting to stay active with the Department and continue serving the community I ran for the position of Fire Commissioner in 1992 and have served a seven year term on the Board, currently I hold the position of Vice Chairman. I retired from Tilcon, CT in 2000 but continue to stay active serving as sexton of the Miner Cemetery; a position I have held for the past 45 years.

 It has been a pleasure serving with the various Board members and I respect and welcome the different areas of expertise that they have brought to the Commission over the years in this ever changing world. While at times balancing the needs of the Department and remaining fiscally responsible to the taxpayers has been challenging it is job I am committed to. Being retired I have the time and desire to continue serving as a contributing member of the Board and visit the station almost daily in the event assistance is required in any way by the staff or volunteers.

 If re-elected I look forward to my continued service to the residents of the Westfield Fire District.

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