Friday, February 28, 2014

Meet Molly -- she needs you!!

My Name is Molly!
Can I Come Home With You?

I am a very cute, 14 years of age feline here at CATALES because my owner had to go to a nursing home. So here I am…waiting…for a new companion. While at CATALES, they realized I have a large mass in my stomach and they do not know if it is cancerous or not.

So I am looking for a special person who can be with me. I may only have weeks or months to live, but want a home ASAP where I can spend the last of my days on someone's lap.

If you work from home or are retired, you are the perfect companion for me.
I am a very happy and lovable girl for someone to spend his or her time with!  
Please come take me home with you.

CATALES is seeking a permanent adoption for me and will tell you the best way to take care of me.

Please call CATALES at (860) 344-9043 or
Email: to inquire about Molly!

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