Saturday, February 1, 2014

Matthew Scarrozzo: Candidate For Westfield Fire Commission Member

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On Tuesday February 4th the Westfield Fire Commission will be holding an election for three Fire Commissioners at 8:00PM at the firehouse.

As a lifelong city resident, born and raised in the Westfield District and currently residing on Meadowood Drive with my wife Marisa. I am a certified Emergency Medical Technician and certified in Fire Safety. Having been a past member with the Westfield Fire Department serving under the direction of Chief King and Alfred Rasch, Westfield holds a special place for me.

For the past 26 years I have served in Public Safety, Emergency Services and Labor Relations with the City of Middletown giving me the knowledge and expereience that would assist me to serve as a member of the Westfield Fire Commission and to move Westfield Fire Department forward, while still being fiscally responsible with commitment and dedication

I would like the opportunity to serve as your commissioner. Hope to have your support on February 4th.


Matthew L. Scarrozzo

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see somebody making an effort to get the word out regarding these seemingly stealth local events. Of all the dual tax paying citizens of the Westfield district only ~50 were in attendance to last years meeting, most of which the seniors and firefighters.
To assist concerned Westfield citizens in making informed decisions please post details of the meeting, general information on the position and biographies of all three candidates. Let's, for a change, get the word out.