Monday, February 24, 2014

Irony of Ironies

Exxon-Mobile CEO Joins Lawsuit Citing Fracking Concerns

(Fracking and truck traffic is okay, just not by his $5 million home in Texas.)

Read about this in the Wall Street Journal (not exactly a liberal, environmentalist rag).

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Anonymous said...

The link goes to a page with the first three lines of the story followed by an invitation to subscribe to get "the whole story."

The opening of the story is one of those ledes for which the WSJ is famous. They have a name (Magruder lede?) I can't remember, but they're the opposite of the "pyramid" lede that's taught to journalists, and they drive me crazy.

Here's the one for the story to which you linked:

BARTONVILLE, Texas—One evening last November, a tall, white-haired man turned up at a Town Council meeting to protest construction of a water tower near his home in this wealthy community outside Dallas.