Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wesleyan Students Protest For Custodial Workers Rights At Football Game

From the protester's press release.
Saturday evening around 30 protesters marched through Wesleyan’s first evening football game in support of the custodial staff. In a letter addressed to Wesleyan University’s President Michael Roth, a custodian wrote, “But do not mistake our roles as custodians for subservience, and do not mistake our lack of education for stupidity.” Since the University has subcontracted its cleaning services to the company Sun Services, 10 workers have been laid off reducing the number of custodians from 60 to 50. This change has resulted in an unmanageable and arduous workload. As little as 2 workers have been assigned to clean entire dormitories.

 The protesters chanted slogans demanding dignity, justice, and reasonable workloads.


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