Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bullet Voting For Devoto

Devoto campaigns as he commutes back and forth from work.

There is a time-tested political technique that supporters of Stephen Devoto need to employ on primary day September 10.  It's called bullet voting and it works like this:

When there are more candidates running than there are seats available, you should only vote for the candidate(s) you absolutely want to win.

In this primary, there are four candidates running.  There are three spots available on the ballot in November.  Voting only for Stephen Devoto will help him win a place on the ballot, and work against his challengers.

In the primary, voters are allowed to cast votes for up to three candidates, but they are not required to do so.  A vote for a single candidate is perfectly legitimate.

Remember, only the three highest vote-getters will go on the ballot in November.

By casting a single vote for Devoto, you are increasing his total, and not increasing the totals of any of the other candidates.  A mathematics teacher could probably explain it better, but by increasing Devoto's total, and denying an increase to other candidates, it's almost like two votes for Devoto.

So, getting out and voting on September 10 is essential.  Only voting for Stephen Devoto helps get him on the ballot in November.

I believe Stephen Devoto to be the best, and most-qualified candidate, and the only candidate worth voting for.

He is bright, thoughtful, fair-minded, honest, insightful, independent-thinking, analytical and immersed in land-use issues in Middletown.

He has voluntarily attended nearly every P&Z meeting in the last five years, and analyzed those meetings for the readers of the Middletown Eye.  One of his opponents, Dan Russo, has missed nearly 40% of the meetings he was elected to attend.  The other candidates have never attended a P&Z meeting.

Devoto has shown himself to be a dedicated worker, and a committed Democrat.  He has donated to Democratic candidates, campaigned for Democratic candidates and voted Democratic for his entire voting life.

Devoto is the only candidate to vote for if you believe in thoughtful planning for Middletown.

Bullet-vote for Devoto on September 10.

Disclaimer:  Ed McKeon is a Democratic member of the Board of Education (running under the Ed4Ed banner), an associate and friend of Devoto, a volunteer for Devoto's primary run, and a co-founder of the Middletown Eye. 


Anonymous said...

can voters bullet vote ed4ed OFF the BOE? He has been such a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I considered voting for devoto until ed4ed endorsed him. Sorry Stephen you won't have my vote.

Anne-Marie Cannata said...

Thanks, Ed! You summarized and explained that all really clearly; I appreciate that. I like his kind and gentle spirit and feel he's honest and true. Hearing how he shows such genuine good intention and patience by attending all the meetings and in all the ways he has contributed, it's a no-brainer, thanks to you. Your summary shows that he truly cares and has the interest, understanding and intelligence that it takes to do the job most beneficially for All.I haven't been following all the politics I admit, and to really step in in the last few days as I am now, I am so grateful he is taking on this job for us. He has a huge heart to help us take care of our City and bring a voice to the people. I feel he'll win by a landslide! Wouldn't that feel good! Good wins:)

Anonymous said...

I won't be voting for this candidate for several reasons.

1. He's a tree hugger who doesn't own a TV and bikes to work. Quite admirable, but in order to grow, this town does need to have some development, and having a Barney Fife on the local planning board will keep our town stagnant while progress passes us by.

2. He has a conflict. Associated with the Blue House group, who is currently suing P & Z. Okay, technically he's not a party to the suit, but everyone knows the real parties are a front.

3. His claim to want to be on the Democratic ticket is hollow. He wants their support, but does not give it in return. If doesn't want to support Democrats, why not just run as an Independent? Makes no sense to run on the ticket of a team he won't even support yet wants theirs. This is the kind of double talking that makes people dislike politicians.

4. He has the support of McKeon, and now Milardo. Both have done nothing for the community except cost taxpayers alot of money due to their incompetence and inflated egos.

5. The rallies outside the Dem headquarters are an example of "in your face" tactics (although not as severe as the porch stomping temper tantrum types) that alienate people and smack of childishness and I for one don't want that from elected officials. Leaders who govern effectively find a way to work with others not taunt those who may disagee with them.

Ed McKeon said...

To my anonymous friends:

I'm sure Stephen will not miss the votes of people too cowardly to put their names to their beliefs.

To Anonymous 9:00.
Stephen has absolutely no connection to the Blue House group. The Blue House group is not suing anybody. The parties in the Blue House Group are a party to nothing except making the neighborhood better.

These can of baseless lies show the kind of person you are, whoever you are.

As for taunting, isn't it ironic that an anonymous commenter, spewing lies, has the nerve to accuse anyone else of taunting.

You, my spineless friend, are what's wrong with Middletown.

My name is Ed, what's yours?

Anonymous said...

I often find myself disagreeing with Stephen on P&Z issues. Specifically, I think he advocates for a P&Z that is more activist than I think proper, and I find him to be too willing to sacrifice economic benefit for quality of life.

Having said that, I support his efforts in the primary and wish him success in the general election. We need a strong voice for the quality of life viewpoint on issues that P&Z will be deciding, and someone who is willing to speak up and follow their convictions regardless of the political pressures. I wouldn't want seven Steve Devotos on P&Z, but we need someone on P&Z who will truly understand the complicated consequences of P&Z decisions, look at factors other than just short term economic benefit in making decisions and forcefully advocate for his position publicly.
Besides that, each party should have someone in their own party who gives them agita.

David Sauer said...

Sorry, I meant to sign my previous post (Anon at 10:07)

Anonymous said...

C'mon Ed, are the jeers really necessary? It reflects poorly on you when you engage like this.

Ed McKeon said...

Anon 4:19

Not nearly as badly as it reflects on you for scolding anonymously.

C'mon, grow a backbone.

My name is Ed, and believe it or not, I know yours.

Bill Wilson said...

Ed if you made everyone sign in before posting you wouldn't have this issue with anonymous comments.