Friday, September 13, 2013

Bear Sighting Near Spencer School

The Middletown Board of Education has informed parents that a bear was sighted near Spencer School. Police and the DEEP have been notified, and students have been informed not to cut through forested areas on their way from school.

Students from the High School and from Keigwin have also been warned to avoid wooded areas.


Anonymous said...

The animals are angry and they are on the prowl. Beward of the animal spies especially the squirrels and birds.

Anonymous said...

The article needs editing. Spencer School misspelled and the agency is DEEP not DEP.

Anonymous said...

bear sightings in middletown should not be unusual given the agrarian make up of much of our community.

Bears will usually go away if you make noise or clap your hands. This is also effective to rid yourself of the two legged varied which are commonly known as elected officials and politicians.

But don't get between them and their food source, that's when they become dangerous. The same applies to the elected officials and politicians.