Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Devoto in As P&Z Candidate; Turenne Out

Final vote

Devoto - 710
Blanchard - 610
Russo - 592
Turenne - 568


Brian Stewart said...

Congratulations to Stephen Devoto and to all the successful candidates. I look forward to a lively discussion of the planning process as we prepare for the November election, and we will have the candidacy of Devoto to thank for it.

Jennifer Proto said...

Welcome to Middletown, where qualifications, integrity and commitment matters. Congrats Stephen - see you on the ballot in November!!

John Kilian said...

DeVoto did well tonight.
People who oppose a downtown drive-thru 1, people who don't want to talk about it, -1.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all candidates.
But give up emotional partisan thinking.

This is only the beginning. Please remember that results of downtown planning and zoning will affect all of us Middletown residents. Come to meetings and listen and speak up. Middletown needs your participation and support for intelligent growth.

If a more prosperous downtown and harbor area evolve, a more prosperous and rewarding city will follow.

Think of it: Your taxes may decrease as a result of new business revenues, more prosperous downtown residences & residents, and more visitors attracted to downtown and environs.

An increased pool of resources may lead to improvements in schools, library, senior support, and other public functions. Imagine a viable and thriving bus/public transport in Middletown! Imagine a more walk-able/bike-able city for you and your children and children's children! Cleaner air! Cleaner, greener river!

These types of changes have evolved in many cities across the country (Arlington, VA, for one), with careful planning and long-term community support.

Prosperity and increase are their own reward. Give up emotional partisan thinking! Bring your ideas to planning meetings! Open your minds and your imaginations to a bright and enriching future for you and your families and generations to come. (Unless we're all bombed to bits, of course.)

caritas i