Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Devoto Gets on Ballot - Tops All Candidates

Stephen Devoto, who forced a primary for Democratic candidates for the P&Z has achieved the goal of getting on the ballot in November.

With all but four districts reporting he is up approximately 100 votes to the nearest competitor.

Devoto - 424
Russo - 316
Blanchard - 336
Turenne - 308


Anonymous said...

Exciting news!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Steve now I hope you go on to win that single seat.

Anonymous said...

So sad that DEE VOTE OH NO gets all these headlines but NOTHING to commemorate 91/11 and pay tribute to fallen heroes?

Elizabeth Bobrick said...

to Anonymous 10:05:

The Eye is not a full-fledged newspaper, and is written by volunteers to cover local news. However, you yourself could have submitted (or still can submit) an article to pay tribute to 9/11. If you prefer to remain anonymous, as in your comment about Steve Devoto, you can use a pseudonym, as some Eye contributers do. A discussion of our democracy's free elections, whether or not we like the outcome, along with the importance of recognizing 9/11, has a lot of potential as an editorial.

Karen Torop said...

Congratulations to Stephen Devoto and much gratitude to him for the time and energy he has spent and continues to spend to obtain a seat on the P and Z Commission. His work honors the memory of citizen-activists whom we've lost, in particular Katchen Coley and Arline Rich. And a pat on the back to all of us who collected signatures, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and even attended a pig roast! Steve persisted despite the fact that the door at City Hall was shut to him; we can hope that those behind the door will understand that there are many in Middletown who would like other voices to be heard and are willing to put in a not insignificant effort to make that happen. More openness and inclusiveness and less concern about party loyalty would benefit everyone in Middletown.