Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bass Tourney Opens

As NBC 30 is reporting, the Northeast Regional Bass Fishing Tournament opened today in town.
As the Eye reported last December, Middletown was in competition with other cities, and secured the tourney for a $5000 host fee.  The expected return is a cash infusion into the area to the tune of six figures.

If that seemed a bargain at the time, it appears to be holding up.  A hundred fishermen are visiting the city from all over the northeast, and the VP of the Bass Federation is quoted as saying many of them made scouting trips weeks beforehand as well.  

The tourney runs through Friday.  Weigh-ins are at Harbor Park.  You can follow the results on the The Bass Federation's webpage.  Right now, a man from Bethel is in the lead.  Home turf--er, home river advantage, apparently.


Anonymous said...

It is a very interesting process and something very different for Middletown. I suggest you stop down tomorrow at 3:30 for final weigh in.

extraordinary relationships said...

It was really great to see the local hotels full of active outside customers and to know that something different and special to others outside of town was going on here.

Anonymous said...

they need a harbor master out there to over see that our high school and college crew teams get on the water and off the water safe. those are very important programs also those kids work very hard I have seen them practice