Monday, June 3, 2013

Higby Mountain Gun Range Noise Abatement

The City is arranging a meeting for residents to express concerns about the noise of gunfire coming from a firing range on the east side of Mt. Higby. The Dingwall Horan Joint Training Facility is near the lower of two city reservoirs, located off of Route 66 near the Middletown, Middlefield line. The firing range is on city watershed land, and is used by the police as well as the FBI.

Noise abatement upgrades are being considered, and the Police would like residents in the area to voice any concerns they have regarding noise levels.

The Police will be scheduling a June meeting at the Westfield Fire House, for residents to discuss the noise levels coming from the facility.

Police are asking anybody interested in this issue to contact Officer William Hertler at 860-638-4123 or by e-mail, by this Friday, June 7.

Shawn Beals had an excellent article in the Hartford Courant on the history and use of the firing range, and on actions by the Common Council to reduce the noise. 

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