Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cruise Night on Main - an Original Social Network

The annual cruise night on Main street Middletown.  It's a gathering of cars.  If it's '88 or older you can register your car to be in the show.

 It may be a gathering of cars but it's also a gathering of people.  When you walk around (as a local) you will find yourself looking at cars and the people. 
 You will see friends and families.  You will be amazed of how old someones kids have gotten. 
Cell phone photographers galore.  I was near a photographer that was using film.  Hearing the clicking of winding to the next frame brought me back.

  The Central News recently closed.  I never went inside myself. 

 The perfect picture for Vecchitto's Italian Ice truck. 

 You want to meet this guy and ask about his earrings.  The same pattern appears on the tattoo on his chest.
Officer Sebastian Bartolotta adjusts his sons sunglasses.

 I tried to get a good picture of our mayor but I was please with this one of his son catching me taking the shot.
There are two ways of getting a great picture of someone.  One is strait forward and asking, setting up the photo.  The other is catching them in their element.  I like the latter. 

 This is Cassandra Day.  She is the editor of the Middletown Patch.
This cop hates me taking his photo.  So here it is for you to enjoy.  XOX Josh.

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