Friday, January 25, 2013

Vinal Tech Receives State Funding For Handicapped Accessibility

State Representatives Joseph Serra and Matthew Lesser joined Senators Dante Bartolomeo and Paul Doyle in praising the state funding presented to Vinal Technical High School in Middletown during the Bond Commission meeting today. All four Democrats represent our city in the State Capitol.

"I am happy the state is continuing to upgrade the infrastructure at Vinal Technical High School," Representative Serra said.

"I'm pleased to see the state and Vinal Tech working cooperatively to resolve this issue of handicapped accessibility. It's a worthwhile investment on behalf of our citizens," said state Sen. Dante Bartolomeo.

The $450,000 bond would be used to improve the interior and exterior handicapped accessibility at the High School. The issues were discovered in the Civil Rights Compliance Review.

"Investments in Connecticut's vo-tech schools are critical for our state's future," said Senator Doyle. "The improvements at Vinal Technical High School will result in a better learning environment, and help generate a workforce that is best prepared to support our businesses and grow our economy."

"The upgrades needed at the Vinal Technical High School are important and make perfect sense," Rep. Lesser said. "I am glad that the state is investing in these upgrades that will make life easier for students at this school."

The bond is part of Public Act #57, 2011 which provides funds for alterations and improvements to buildings and grounds, including new and replacement equipment, tools and supplies necessary to update curricula, vehicles and technology upgrades at all regional vocational-technical schools.

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Can we pave the parking lot too???