Friday, January 18, 2013

New Middletown Signage and tunnel facelift

Just before the end of the year Middletown had a bunch of new signs pop up.  Three 'welcome' signs and many parking directory signs around the downtown area.

 They appeared just before Midnight on Main and were most likely very helpful for finding parking for someone not familiar with Middletown.


  Also I noticed the construction of the new entrance on the tunnel to the river side.  It appears to be expanded (the entrance).  It looks like they are keeping with the same design but just bigger.  

This tunnel leads to the riverside north side gazebo that is typically occupied by ... not sure how to put it.. 'riff raff'.  Nonetheless this is the walking gateway to the riverside.  Hopefully we can create a better entrance.  The previous was always having to be painted because of graffiti, sometimes littered with small liquor bottles, and smelt of urine.

I know the public restrooms are closed on the riverside property.  Most likely because of undesirable activity.  But what results is urination in this tunnel.

This situation has to be addressed if progress is going to be made for our riverfront facelift.

Better lighting and a camera system would help.

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